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Safety Services


Safety Services provided by our “Safety Solution Professionals” cover a wide variety of areas and industries as listed below from inspections, audits, fire prevention, participation in your safety committee, project oversight, safety training, environmental testing, industrial hygiene surveys, food service evaluations, food quality, sanitation inspections and HACCP review.  

With our PRECISION safety evaluation we evaluate your concerns and identify potential safety hazards that could costs you thousands if not addressed.  The we design the safety services that are needed specifically for your company’s operations and or construction projects.  We focus on assisting the small and medium size businesses who are committed to safety and protecting their employees. We make  safety attainable and affordable.  With our safety services we can start with one project or several depending on your needs and priorities.  Our safety services extend far beyond just putting programs in place.  Our safety consultants want to empower your employees and provide them with the necessary education and understanding of why we do the things we do.  It’s all about teamwork and everyone has a critical role.

Safety is our priority at Safety By Design Consulting Services. Our objective is to increase production safely, create a profit saving entity, lower injury rates, lower insurance rates, reduce potential litigation suites, minimize present and future compensation and medical costs, reduce/eliminate potential OSHA/DOT non-compliance fines and increase financial growth in the below listed industries through our safety partnership:

Safety Services

Safety Services

• Auto Manufacturers and Related Industries
• Chemical Plants/Refineries
• Construction Sites
• Utilities/Energy
• Steel Manufacturing
• Commercial insurance
• Food Service Establishments
• Demolition
• Medical Equipment Manufactures/Related Industries          a
• Medical Facilities/Doctors’ Offices
• Railroads and Related Industries
• Hospitability and Related Industries
• Warehouses/Docks
• Pallet Companies
• Excavating
• Foundries
• Robotic Industries
• Restaurants
• Paper Mills
• Shipping Companies
• Welding & Fabricating
• Food Processing Plants
• Manufacturing Plants
• Education/Schools/College
• Packing Companies
• Transportation Industries
• Recycling Plants $200 off on-site safety evaluation

$200 off on-site safety evaluation

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