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Safety By Design Partnerships provide extraordinary safety services for small to medium sized businesses in a variety of industries focusing on OSHA, DOT and Occupational Medicine.

Our partnerships bring bring tremendous value to companies as we have developed a system of trust, devotion to our clients and the ability to be a valued resource for your company’s needs.

Our partnerships are geared to help your organization maximize efficiency, effectiveness, consistency, affordability and while enhancing your safety efforts.  For more information, we encourage you to fill out the short form below. We look forward to forming a partnership with you today!



NTCI staff are highly trained in all aspects of DOT compliance and have nationwide capabilities and services. Our partnership with NTCI provides companies with a full range of coverage regarding OSHA safety standards and DOT compliance which is an invaluable service to the transportation industry. NTCI offers the following services: Review carrier DOT compliance programs, Review of DOT Driver Logs, Review of driver Qualifications, File Management and Certified Accident Reconstruction.


Training Concepts provides outstanding local resources for CPR equipment, training information and expertise regarding specific requirements under the American Heart Association.


Our partnership with Environmental Safety Technologies provides companies with a full range of indoor air quality and Microbiology experts to include Legionella Testing, Air Quality Investigations, Healthcare Construction/Infection Prevention and Industrial Hygiene Lab Analysis. For more information please contact Shauna J. Weis, President at 502-550-4208

Ingalls Occupational Medicine

Ingalls Occupational Medicine provides an all-encompassing review of your work environment to offer companies a variety of medical and non-medical services and administrative oversight. Our safety partnership provides a complete understanding of the employees work requirements and work environment. Together we offer a free safety and medical evaluation of you work environment. This information is vital in identifying safety hazards, ergonomic concerns, reducing potential work related injuries through engineering controls, case management of current injuries, reduce/eliminate potential OSHA violations, and occupational medical services including spirometry, fit testing, hearing conservation, fitness for duty and work hardening programs.
Additionally, Ingalls Occupational Medicine offers the following services: Case review; Medical screenings to coincide with work practices; Work conditioning observations, analysis, and review; Job Site Analysis; Review and oversight of present and future compensation claims to assist in reducing medical costs, days lost, and the number of injuries.


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