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Food Service


Food service training is a critical component that either spells success or failure for the food service industry.

Food service training  is vital in every food service operation and must be a critical component for the food service industry.  Safety, sanitation, cross contamination, recycling, composting, fire prevention, slips trips and falls all play a critical role in every restaurant, grocery store and food processing plant. Training brings cohesiveness and consistency to your daily operations which becomes more effective and efficient.

At Safety By Design Consultant Services  we believe we have the nations best safety programs and training for small and medium size restaurants. These programs can help in reducing compensation, legal liability, food violations and employee injuries not to mention food borne illnesses.  Our focus is on the small details so they don’t become overlooked and develop in to something more significant, that will help protect and increase your restaurants profits! 

Our Safety Solution Professionals will design specific safety and food training programs to meet FDA/OSHA standards and your local Health Department requirements.  Our goal is to provide continuous education to your food services staff  and empower them to make wise decisions that will enhance your overall food quality, employee safety and your bottom line.

Food Safety

We can develop specific training programs based on your needs in the back of the house, the front of the house or are working in the prep and cleaning areas of your facility.   Our training program provides management with a valuable training tool for line managers and employees.

Our quality training programs for food service is in-depth, interactive and will enhance the overall sanitation of your company, its work environment and its overall performance.

At Safety By Design Consultant Services we offer the following food and safety training:









If you need additional training in the area of food service safety contact Safety By Design for all of your training needs. The Food Service Industry is one that has many challenges when it comes to safety. Don’t go it alone! Give us a call today 855-747-2327!


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