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Dept. of Transportation


Department of Transportation is a highly complexed area for training compliance in the trucking industry.  With the many safety and DOT requirements oversight is paramount for logistics companies.

In the US, all hazmat shipments that leave your facility must comply with the US DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR). Training is mandatory for managers and employees who prepare hazmat for transport. The DOT hazmat rules are stringent. Penalties for non-compliance are as high as $75,000 per day, per violation. See below for guidance on DOT’s training mandate or watch the Who Needs Hazmat Training Movie.If you also ship hazardous materials by air or vessel, see the Who Needs IATA or IMDG Dangerous Goods Training FAQ.

What companies must follow the Department of Transportation (DOT) training rules?

US DOT “hazmat employee” training rules apply to any company with employees who perform any function in any way regulated by the US DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). This includes any company with employees who:

  • Offer hazardous materials for transportation;
  • Package, mark, or label hazardous materials for transportation;
  • Load or unload hazardous materials transport vehicles;
  • Transport hazardous materials;
  • Receive and forward packages containing hazardous materials;
  • Manufacture packaging for use in transporting hazardous materials; and
  • Test hazardous material packaging.

There are no exemptions provided for small companies. Even self-employed people who ship hazardous materials as part of their job must provide training for themselves.

Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation

That is why we developed a partnership with the National Transportation Consultants Inc.  They have a group of trained and expereinced former Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administrators, State Police Officers that provides a nationwide coverage for all logistics companies, shippers and private fleets.  If your in the trucking/logistics industry and you need safety and DOT services then look no further then your safety solution professionals.  Together we bring the nations best in DOT and Safety for your benefit.

NTCI National Transportation Consultants Inc.  At NTCI they specialize in bringing  companies into DOT compliance and managing their DOT regulatory needs to include specific driver training.

Training Services Offered:

Defensive Driving Program

Hazardous Materials Training Basic/Advanced

Hazardous Material Audits

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