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Department of Transportation


Department of Transportation is a highly complexed area for compliance in the trucking industry.  With the many safety and DOT requirements oversight is paramount for logistics companies.

What is CSA? CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) is a major safety measurement and reporting initiative of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Designed to replace the SafeStat program, earlier CSA was known as “Comprehensive Safety Analysis,” or more commonly “CSA 2010.”

CSA includes no new laws.  However, almost every aspect of the U.S. commercial motor freight industry is subject to new, expanded safety reporting and enforcement measures. New measures affect not only motor carriers (trucking companies), but also drivers who operate the equipment, shippers who hire carriers to move freight, and those who operate their own private fleets.

The overall goal of collecting this safety performance and equipment maintenance data is to reduce accidents by pinpointing and addressing areas of concern. The desired result: Safer highways for everyone.

That is why we developed a partnership with the National Transportation Consultants Inc.  They have a group of trained and expereinced former Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administrators, State Police Officers that provides a nationwide coverage for all logistics companies, shippers and private fleets.  If your in the trucking/logistics industry and you need safety and DOT services then look no further then your safety solution professionals.  Together we bring the nations best in DOT and Safety for your benefit.

Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation

NTCI National Transportation Consultants Inc.  At NTCI they specialize in bringing  companies into DOT compliance and managing their DOT regulatory needs.

Services Offered:

DOT Audit Management

DOT Compliance Outsourcing

DOT Type “Mock Audits”

DOT Driver Logs Audits

Accident Investigations

Heavy Equipment Accident Investigations

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