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Here some reasons why spending some time and money on SAFETY prevention now can SAVE YOU MONEY later….

Safety is Priceless - David A, Ward

Safety is Priceless – David A, Ward

OSHA fines have increased, safety programs are being updated is your company prepared?

If your company has any of the below listed concerns:

  • No safety or administrative oversight.
  • Utilizing HR staff for your safety professionals.
  • Injuries affecting your insurance rate.
  • Unsure if your safety programs are effective.
  • Unsure if your safety programs comply with OSHA, EPA, MSHA, or your current safety manual.
  • Haven’t had a recent safety/EPA audit.
  • Inspected by OSHA and cited.
  • Unsure of how to present your case in an informal conference.
  • Unsure if your safety training is effective; unable to communicate safety training with Hispanic/Latino, Polish, employees.

We offer a variety of safety services, audits, inspections, project oversight, and training required by OSHA with bilingual instructors to meet your needs and OSHA requirements.

Call us today at 855-747-2327 to schedule a meeting so we can protect your business and employees or visit our website at

We’re making safety Profitable, Effective, and Affordable one company at a time.  We’re a fully insured Veteran owned company registered with SAM.

Dollars and Sense of Safety

Dollars and Sense of Safety

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