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  • Trust your Safety Consultant - Testimonial from Method ecover

    Feel this way about your Safety Consultant?


    Do you Trust your Safety Consultant is doing EVERYTHING to help your company become more Profitable, Effective & Affordable!   We are happy to make such an impact for our clients…. We had to share! A HUGE thank you to Austin and his team for allow SBDCS to be a valued partner. Learn how Safety […]

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  • Construction Safety By Design Consultant Services

    Construction’s “Fatal Four”, And How to Prevent Them


    Construction’s “Fatal Four”, And How to Prevent Them Featured | Safety Training AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to PDFmyURL Anyone who knows anything about construction knows that not only is it an incredibly laborious industry, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. Based on past statistics, we’ve been able to narrow down the bulk of safety risks in construction […]

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    Unsure How to Prepare or React to an OHSA Citation?


    If you have been recently inspected by OSHA and received citations and you’re unsure of how to respond or what to do, then you may want to contact us before your do anything more. Let our OSHA retirees and experienced safety professionals put their expertise to work for you. Our focus is to assist you […]

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  • Safety is Priceless - David A, Ward

    Why choose SBDCS? Safety Prevention Experts


    Here some reasons why spending some time and money on SAFETY prevention now can SAVE YOU MONEY later…. OSHA fines have increased, safety programs are being updated is your company prepared? If your company has any of the below listed concerns: No safety or administrative oversight. Utilizing HR staff for your safety professionals. Injuries affecting […]

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  • SafetyByDesignConsultingServices

    Safety Concerns


    If you have safety concerns and you’re unable to properly manage or resolve your safety concerns and you want to enhance or develop what you have or don’t have and desire to implement a safety program that is effective and affordable then don’t delay lives depend on you and your business. If you’re a manufacturing […]

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  • Safety By Design Consulting Services Dave Ward certified OSHA Training Chicago Northwest Indiana

    Safety: Excavation and Trenching Dangers


    Workplace safety solution professionals: How many times do we see excavation and sewer workers working unprotected in trenches? Trenches are literally filled with a variety of potential safety and environmental hazards. Cave-ins are perhaps the most feared trenching hazard as one cubic yard of soil can weigh as much as a car. Asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen in a […]

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