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Safety By Design is well known in the Safety Industry and we fill a great responsibility for the safety of many small and medium size companies.

Veteran Owned Business

As a Veteran owned business we're trying to make a positive impact in our communities by providing quality services, by highly trained professionals, at reasonable prices for small to medium size ...

CPR Training

CPR training is life saving for we touch 100 lives everyday, are you ready to respond? CPR training offered by Safety By Design Consultant Services team recognizes ...

Food Safety

Food Safety  is vital in every food service operation and must be a critical component for the food service industry.  Safety, sanitation, recycling, fire prevention all play a ...

Sanitation Concerns?

Welcome to Safety By Design Consultant Services

Are injuries, loss of profits, fatalities, loss in production, accidents, loss of revenue and potential OSHA fines affecting your company’s integrity future business and sustainability?

We focus on the small and medium size business, as we want to ensure they have the opportunity to have the same quality of safety programs that large organizations and corporations have at an affordable rate.  We want to provide the necessary safety solutions that will protect your employees and your assets. Safety by Design is a fully insured company with general liability, errors and omissions, workers comp and automobile coverage. Safety by Design Consulting Services is an approved vendor for American Sugar Refining Group.

Give us an opportunity to assist your company by becoming your Workplace Safety Solution Professionals.

Our focus is to reduce:

  • and or eliminate your company’s liability
  • employee exposure to workplace hazards, injuries, accidents, compensation costs and
  • potential OSHA/EPA violations

Our goal is to:

  • manage safety programs, construction projects, or operations that you’re unable to manage
  • design safety programs to meet your company’s needs and financial constraints

We offer a variety of safety services, audits, inspections, project oversight, and training required by OSHA with bilingual instructors to meet your needs and OSHA requirements.

Call us today at 855-747-2327 to schedule a meeting so we can protect your business and employees or visit our website at sbdcs.com.

We’re making safety Profitable, Effective, and Affordable one company at a time.

Trusted National Safety Consultant

Our partnership will make your company more profitable, your employees safer, and your operation(s) more efficient. We are here to help and support your company.

For OSHA information visit www.osha.gov

If you need safety signs regarding lockout/tagout, permit required confined  spaces, PPE or evacuation plans visit www.pfsafety.com

If you have any questions or need assistance contact us or call 855-747-2327

2017 Certified Online Safety Training from Safety By Design Consultant Services and Atlantic Training

We offer 2017 Certified Online Safety Training from Safety By Design Consultant Services

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