SAFETY Consultants | Chicagoland and Indianapolis

Safety By Design Consultant Services has an extensive field of highly trained, experienced safety professionals/consultants in a multitude of areas of expertise (OSHA retirees, Safety Administrators, Safety Consultants, OSHA Outreach Trainers, Industrial Hygienists, Environmentalists, Construction Safety Experts, CPR Instructors, Process Safety Management Advisors, Fire Prevention/Emergency Planning Specialists, Food Service Consultants/Trainers and Motivational Safety Speakers). Our focus is to serve small and medium sized businesses from Northwest Indiana/Chicago across the nation and globally upon request. Our value to your company is to identify and reduce potential losses regarding work related injuries, compensation costs, OSHA/DOT /EPA /FDA violations, while enhancing the safety and oversight of your current operations and or projects. Our safety partnership will make your company more profitable and your employees safer.

Safety By Design Consultant Services provides you with a Free Safety Evaluation. This is an in-depth safety inspection of your facility.


At Safety By Design we take the fear out of safety and provide you peace of mind by minimizing potential risks and being an all-in-one safety resource for your company through our knowledgeable safety consultants . We will break down each area of potential risk for you and create a necessary plan of action before it’s too late. Safety needs to be Pro-Active not Re-Active. Safety By Design Consultant Services has been able to save companies tens of thousands of dollars, and we look forward to doing the same for you. The average cost of a work related injury in 2013 was $38,000.00 and continues to rise and the average cost of one OSHA fine estimates between $3000-4,000.00. Based on these figures protecting your employees, means protecting your business revenue too. If you have any questions regarding how our services can benefit and create added value to your organization, we encourage you to contact us today at 1-855-74SBDCS. We look forward to educating your staff on the importance of workplace safety and can’t wait to form a partnership with your business!

Our Value To Your Company

  • Increase profits/productivity through a safer work environment and accountability
  • Protect your company assets/Reduce litigation cost
  • Reduce legal liabilities and future compensation claims
  • 24/7 Availability/Nationwide Services/Long term Partnerships
  • Emergency Planning & Response
  • Valued Messages from our Motivational Speakers regarding the impact of injuries
  • Flexible Schedules and Affordable Rates with Payment Options/Retainers

How We Benefit Your Company


  • Identify potential hazards
  • Increase safety visibility and employee accountability
  • Enhance food safety programs
  • Enhance safety awareness through education and partnership
  • Reduce potential injuries/fatalities
  • Identify specific training needs of employees


  • Negotiation of potential OSHA/DOT fines
  • Safety Management Plans for DOT Rating Up-grades
  • Continual oversight of safety and health programs to include compensation case reviews
  • Nurse intervention reducing lost work days
  • Accident/fatality Investigations 24 hour response

Training/Motivational Speakers

  • Motivational Speakers
  • Enhance safety visibility
  • Accountability
  • Increased productivity/Financial growth
  • Enhanced employee knowledge
  • Reduction of injury rates/Reduction of compensation costs
  • On-going education for management/employees
  • OSHA 10/30 Hour General Industry/Construction (Bilingual)

Occupational Medicine

  • Nurse Case Manager to case review oversight
  • Medical screenings to coincide with work practices
  • 24/7 Comprehensive Injury Care Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Reduce future compensation claims
  • Work conditioning & FCE Evaluations
  • Job Site Analysis & Essential Function Testing
  • Respiratory Clearance Medical Testing


  • Increase employee/driver awareness
  • Enhance driver safety
  • Review carrier DOT compliance programs
  • DOT Driver Log Reviews
  • DOT Driver Qualification File Management
  • Certified Accident Reconstruction
  • Heavy Equipment Accident Investigation
  • Basic/Advanced Hazardous Materials Training